Bloons TD 6 Apk which is commonly also known as Bloons tower defense is a series of tower defense games. Which was developed by Ninja kiwi and also published by Ninja Kiwi. Which is basically based on the platform of Android, Mac OS, IOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux. Bloons TD 6 Apk was firstly released on IOS and Andriod on 14th June 2018, steam: 17th December 2018. The mode of this game continues on single-player and multi-player.

Basically in the games consists of 3D graphics with newly added features including three new bloons type with a unique property.

Similarly, the game begins with a previous game where players begin the game with an amount of certain cash and lives which are required to create a tower to defeat a set wave of bloons per round. In this game, you can earn cash by pooping a bloons.

When bloons reached to exists then you will start to lose your lives. Also, some towers are able to attack a bloons directly and some towers will slow down a bloons. You need to always support a tower that is near to you or generate in-game currency. You can also upgrade special towers like heroes automatically without input players or you can upgrade it with a huge amount of cash.

Bloons TD 6 Apk

If you complete a certain difficulty on the game then you will be able to unlock a special game on the map. Gameplay can be changed on each present, which includes the limitation of the certain towers, increment of towers and upgrading the price, reducing the external income which has gained, spawning the strongest wave of the bloons.

You can earn a special currency called monkey money by winning most of the game. Which is used to buy power. In this way, this game has a different character and features which makes a game funnier and makes you enjoy the game which has more content to follow and go through it.

The Bloons TD 6 Apk on this game contains versions of 20.1 which requires 5.0 and up whereas it has the size of 47MB and mainly the features of is based on unlimited money. Also many is found through the various site to continue and install the game.

Every player wants to cheat and be forward on games that might be against the rules and regulations of the game but this method of cheating on the game which is commonly known as an Apk is being practiced nowadays. As you can find many more generators on the internet to be downloaded to fulfill this type of need. Where you can gain more money or free bloons.

Up course you can join online in this game with access to the main menu on quick matches or also can create private matches.

Different players have different devices to play the game basically if we talk on IOS then as we discussed before it has the platform for IOS also where you can download this game in free of cost from the App Store though you have been seen sales in high amount.

In the case of strategy in this game, players try to apply some best tricks and a better strategy to make a game in their favor so this might help you to do so or who loves to play a Bloons TD 6 Apk.  But there are some strategies which you can use while playing the Bloons TD 6  game like 6 pop lust Druids, Seven seas, that’s a Capitalism, Perma Spikes, etc. these all factors have their own features of each topic which might guide you to make perfect about strategy.

Bloons TD 6 Apk

Heroes are the characters of the famous who always make the game best to play guide the players where players utilize them to do the things and make the game perfect. In this Bloons TD 6 Mod Menu game also we have got some heroes who always deserve the game they are: Benjamin, Adora, Admiral Brickell, Pat Fusty, Caption Churchill, Gwendolin, Quincy, Ezili, Obyn Greenfoot, Striker Jones, etc.

These all Heroes have their own character, Function, and features to be done in-game which you will be conformed while going through Bloons TD 6 Apk.

We need to discuss the monkeys available in this game there are many of these but let’s discuss in brief some of the best among them. Banana Farm, Monkey sub, Sniper Monkey, Wizard Monkey, Spike factory, Helicopter  Pilot, Alchemist, and super monkey which has finally justified as huge cost, This has a super attack speed. Also, it has a high range and upgrades too.

If you are playing through your IOS Device then this method might be quite easier for you to Apk or cheat the game where we need extra support and generator to do so you have access to do so from App store install it to get Bloons TD 6 Apk there will be no requirements of PC or jailbreaks on IOS Device. So in this way, you might have access.

Each and every game has their own challenge and features which might make you difficult, uneasy, enjoy to play the game these all are features and function should be applied on the game so the challenge is like to defeat the opponents, the way how to build a tower, gain a huge amount of money, Monkeys, increasing the level, utilizing the heroes in the right time and many more. There are also some identified challenges with their codes and links which you can find through the access of the various sites.

There are many cheat engines and generators found on different sites you need to go through it and download it and follow the path of that engine which you have downloaded.

Coop is a new model that is added in a Bloons TD 6 Apk In the upgrade version this coop mode can be used through the main menu and players have the option to play quick matches or create and join the private matches.

Each tower in Bloons TD 6 Apk has its own creative features to make the game more efficient and smooth so we have got some best and important towers lets discuss only the list of such towers in short. Primary Towers/monkeys, Military Towers/Monkeys, Magic Towers/ Monkeys. These all towers have own description and features which each and every player has to go in details through this game and topic.

Bloons TD 6 HEROES!

  • Each game, place one of these 11 unique and powerful monkeys with 20 signature upgrades
  • Two bloon-shredding activated abilities per Hero
  • Craft new gameplay strategies around each Hero’s powers and synergies
  • Unlockable skins and voiceovers to customize your play


Can you get Bloons TD 6 for free?

Players who enjoy playing Bloons TD 6 charges normally 5$ on mobile but it is completely free for a limited time so hurry up go to your App Store and Play Store and download it free of cost.

Can You Mood Bloons TD 6?

If you have to download the game Bloons TD 6 and Install it then save your data and make it uninstall and download the apk for the which you are looking for which can be found in various places always seek for high-quality only.

What is the strongest Bloon in bloon TD 6?

Each bloon you have collected has equal value to the players among the bloon if we talk about the stronger blood then we need to talk about the Bloon Big Airship of Doom (BAD).  This Bloon is also considered as a big, strong non-boss Bloon in the game which has an RBE of 55,760 also moves at the same speed as Z.O.M.G.