AVAST ANTIVIRUS MOD PREMIUM v6.26.4 : Viruses are one among the issues that Android users are most worried about when accessing the web. Nowadays, websites often attach ads and sometimes malicious code, which may harm Android devices. If unfortunately, they’re going to make the device not work smoothly. Battery drops faster, data charges rise abnormally, processing tasks become lumbering as a symbol of identification, or worse, personal information being stolen.

If you are doing not want to be one among the ill-fated victims, you would like to stop it before these threats occur and Avast Antivirus is that the tool to unravel this problem. Consistent with statistics, the appliance has over 100,000,000 active users. You almost certainly won’t want to miss it!

Apps Avast Antivirus MOD Premium
Size 34Mb
Version v6.26.4
Developer Avast Software
Requirements Android 5.0
Root No
Price Free

No more fears about viruses

With Avast Antivirus, malicious software or viruses that hackers attach to some websites won’t be ready to penetrate your device. It creates a solid firewall, blocking and eliminating hazards which will cause problems to your phones. From there, you’ll safely experience content on the web, and even on other applications already installed on your phones.

The application features a built-in smart scanner which will scan all files and folders within the device for threats, including hidden and junk files. Then, the notification is brought back on the screen and you only got to press the clean button to end the work and release the device memory.

avast antivirus hack

Speed up your phone

Junk files make the memory full and make the device lack of space for storing as a part of the slowdown. The most reason is that RAM and ROM are occupying an excessive amount of space. They take the role of reading and writing data for applications to work, so when it’s not ready to read and write data, it’ll cause crashes or lag.

For the foremost part, applications still have data in RAM once you exit (aka implicit tasks), so if you would like your device to figure faster, you’ll got to free it. The tasks are simpler and more intuitive than ever with Avast Antivirus. Just click the Boost RAM button and every one problems are going to be resolved during a few seconds.

Privacy when gain access to online with VPN

Today, tons of the content on the web is hidden because they don’t fit the culture of some countries, or are geographically restricted. Avast Antivirus has integrated VPN in their application and you’ll explore all the content you would like. Moreover, your browsing activities and logs won’t be recorded, IP address information and site are going to be concealed to make privacy. Rest assured about the standard, as Avast Software doesn’t shall provide poor services.

Guard personal data

If you’ve got some sensitive data like photos, video clips that don’t want anyone to ascertain, hide them and make a password with Photo Vault. If some applications like Messenger, Messages, Facebook or Viber have personal information and you are doing not want anyone to access it without consent, set a password with the App Lock feature. I think, you’ve got considered this but haven’t found an answer. But now, it’s quick and straightforward to use.

What nobody wants to happen is that your phone was stolen. Personal data are often uploaded to social networks, erased or stolen for malicious purposes. Avast Antivirus has been developed with another anti-theft feature to avoid possible loss. You’ll set the settings within the Anti-Thief section to automatically activate the PIN code to lock the device (cannot be used until the right PIN code is entered), lock the info changes on the SIM and switch on the lost feature. At that point, the quantity is turned to max, the buzzer sounds continuous and therefore the camera will automatically take pictures of the thief. If you employ Cloud and are connected before, you’ll log into your Cloud and obtain Media files including photos and videos were taken.

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MOD Features

  • Unlock Premium Features
  • Camera trap
  • Tracing your phone
  • Sim card security
  • Apps Lock
  • Remove Ads
  • Undeviating support from Avast

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The key features

  1. Speed up RAM: Avast Mobile Security Pro helps users quickly speed up your phone by closing all background running applications. It’ll almost instantly release your phone RAM. From there, you’ll quickly use an application within the best way.
  2. Clean up junk file: Your phone features a lot of junk files, which hamper your device also as waste tons of memory. You simply got to use one touch to be ready to scan the whole device and take away everything that creates your device slow.
  3. Measuring the network speed: If you’re connecting your phone to Wi-Fi and need to see that your connection is sweet enough, you’ll use this feature to quickly check download and upload speeds. After a short time, you’ll receive an objective review of the speed of the Wi-Fi network you’re connecting.
  4. App lock: you’ll protect the apps on your device. In which, you’ll set the password for all applications manually in order that they’re always within the most secure condition.
  5. Anti-Theft: additionally, Avast Mobile Security Pro will protect your sim card and device. You’ll got to found out password types once you want to vary Sims otherwise you will get alarms when someone wants to access your phone illegally.
  6. Safe Photo Box: With Avast Mobile Security Pro, you’ll add new or existing photos in your device to the photo box. At this point, your photos will become safer. Only you’ll see your photos.
  7. Battery saver: Battery saving mode are going to be available inside the app. it’ll immediately offer you warnings when your device is close to run out of battery. You’ll also instantly put your phone into the battery saving mode with only one touch.
  8. Call Block: Avast Mobile Security Pro will assist you instantly put phone numbers that bother you to the blacklist. Also, you’ll block all calls, messages… from blacklisted numbers. This may minimize your trouble.
  9. Firewall: For rooted devices, the safety issue are going to be weaker on your device. But Avast Mobile Security Pro will assist you improve your device security by equipping a firewall, which can assist you control the appliance on your Rooted phone.
  10. Automatic: Avast Mobile Security Pro will bring unexpected convenience when allowing applications to automatically scan daily. You’ll not got to manually clean your device anymore. Instead, everything will run automatically.

Avast mod premium


Avast Antivirus may be a small but very useful application. You’ll easily verify this when reading the reviews of other users on Google Play, through the info of the amount of downloads or the rating (4.7/5 with 6,000.0000 Rating).


Download Avast Antivirus Mod Premium

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